Danae Curtius

5'3", thin. Wears clothes made of the finest cloth her husband can import. Married to Marcus Curtius


Wife of Marcus Curtius, she has lived in Burgundala all of her life. She is wholly dedicated to her husband and his family, having lost her family very early in their marriage. Although her family was fairly well known in the city, very little is known about their disappearance. One day, they just packed up and left town, headed for Cisalpine Gaul. No one has heard from them since. Most people attribute this to the cost of mail, however some believe their caravan may have been attacked. Regardless, Danae lives her life without them.

She and her husband are very devoted to eachother, they have two boys. The eldest is currently attending the scriptorium in town, while the youngest is being taught by a Greek slave they have bought to train and raise their children.

Danae Curtius

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